You may wonder why a lawyer would include a page titled “Fiction Writing” on her blog. It’s because I love reading and writing. Most people who know me do not necessarily know this about me. My favorite genres are crime fiction and historical fiction, and I’d have to say that the best of all worlds for me would be historical crime fiction. If there is such a thing. Is there such a thing?

Years ago, I started writing a novel. I’ve been known to lay it aside for years at a time. On occasion, however, I pick it up and add a few paragraphs here and there. It’s ridiculous, really, because I have to reread the thing every time in order to remember what was going on and figure out where I was going with a particular scene, and — by the time I’m finished reading — vacation is over and I’m out of time to write. Or, I make that huge writer’s mistake and edit what I’ve already written, rather than finishing the story, first.

Recently, I’ve yet again picked the book back up. I don’t normally tell friends about it because of my fear of accountability for having not yet completed the thing. And because of my fear of imperfection — which is certainly the case with a first draft — I’d never want anyone to read parts of it before it’s complete.

On this page of the blog, I will link to posts that are either about writing, or are some of my own writings or those of others that I think my readers might like. Not that I have a readership, mind you, but one can hope. (Or maybe there’s no hope at all for one who, for fear of judgment and accountability, isn’t usually willing to share what she’s written.)

I’ve included a photo of myself on this page. (No, it isn’t resizable — sorry.) The photographer said that it’s been retouched a bit, but I figure it’s what I looked like back when I started writing my novel, so it’s not that fake. (Well, maybe I weighed 20 fewer pounds and was a brunette at the time. It’s hard to remember.)

Comments are allowed on this page, but if yours isn’t G or PG-rated, or it is unkind, it won’t appear.



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