Family law, Workers' Compensation

Having Your Deposition Taken

Do you have a pending workers’ compensation case? If so, then you will likely have to submit yourself to having your deposition taken by the defendant’s or insurance company’s attorney.

A deposition is sworn testimony, and since one of the jobs of the defense attorney is to try and discredit you and your claim, giving a deposition can be intimidating. For this reason, I went in search of information online that I thought would be helpful to you in getting prepared to answer questions under oath.

This California law firm’s* YouTube video does a very good job of explaining what to expect when you are deposed, and how to testify honestly and appropriately — without volunteering too much information for your opponents to use against you. (Your attorney will be present with you while you give your testimony, however, to ensure that the opposing attorney doesn’t overstep her bounds.)

Hopefully, you will find this video useful in alleviating some of the fears that you may have about testifying.



*My firm has no affiliation with the publisher of this video, and none is implied. This is posted strictly for informational purposes, and is not to be construed as legal advice of this firm or any other.